The Grow Solution
The Grow Solution
Small Business Solutions to Generate Sustainable Growth

Develop and Implement a Plan
to Grow Your Business.

A Small Business Marketing Solution From Kevin McMillan


Marketing Related Issues are a Top Reason why over 70% of Small Businesses Fail. 


Stop worrying about marketing and focus on what you do best. 


The Grow Solution strategically walks you through each part of your marketing.

Through interactive and outcome-based sessions, you will …

  • Refine Your Goals

  • Identify Obstacles

  • Evaluate Your Product/Service

  • Analyze Your Audience

  • Develop A New Strategy

  • Create Design Standards

  • Improve Your Identity & Branding



Designed Specifically for the Entrepreneur.

The Grow Solution was created to empower photographers, writers, retailers, speakers, artists, chefs, and other freelance and small business owners.


Start The Grow Solution for FREE and then continue for as little as $149.



Get Your Marketing Score

Get your Free Marketing Score, then meet with Kevin McMillan to discuss an action plan based on your unique situation, goals, and budget.


Select A Sessions Package

The Grow Solution offers several options for those who want to go it alone, with a group, or work one-on-one with Kevin McMillan.


Implement Improvements

The Grow Solution guides you through making changes to your marketing, design, communication by offering recommendations and reviews on different service providers for design, communication, etc.


Kevin McMillan is a sociologist who has specialized in marketing and design for almost 25 years.

In 2004, he moved to South Georgia to help revive a declining downtown. Everyone he worked with was able to accelerate profits, sell their business, or explore franchising options.